Zoé Pelloux’s 2019 Breakout

With three projects set to garner acclaim and attention in 2019, Zoé Pelloux is realizing her filmmaking dreams in California. One of her latest film project, ‘Royal Gardens’ by Inés Coca will be released later this year. The project is about the beastiality in humans, happening in a sketchy hair salon in the 70’s. With this project starring only female actors, Zoé really tried to hire as many female crew members as possible to have a beautiful piece for everyone to have in their portfolio.

Next to that, currently in post-production, we can find the short movie ‘Desert Sky’, directed by Dillan Elias Farmer. It is a thriller, telling the story of three men locked in a box in the middle of the desert.

But Zoé also is very interested in experimental filmmaking and collaborated with Adrianne Lundy who directed the experimental short movie ‘Two Weeks in Laredo’ about Maya Deren — the mother of American avant-garde film. The film is currently submitted to film festivals worldwide in 2019.

French-born, Zoé Pelloux is based in Los Angeles since 2016. After completing an MFA in Producing from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, she was immediately sought after to produce several short films. Her credits include: ‘Bonding’ by Michael Barba, ‘Atop God’s Breakfast’ by Adrianne Lundy, ‘Methadone’ by Shivin Grover, ‘Ismalia’ by Valeria Costa, ‘Finding Faith’ by Dillian Elias Farmer, ’Statis’ by Casey Wohlgemuth, ’Twenty Years After’ by Catharine Lin, ‘Kepler 3000’ by Gabriel Carnick, ‘Lola’ by Olivia Cottenden, and ‘Closet’ by Xiangrong Du.

On the small screen, Zoé collaborated with screenwriter and director Michael Carnick to produce the TV pilot, ‘Manny Fantasma: Paranormal Psychiatrist’, and ‘The Experiment’, with Craig Ross. Her feature film accolades include another partnership with Carnick for the feature ‘High School Hero’, a coming-of-age project ; and Alexander Salabaschew’s, ’The Lost End’, a psychedelic feature currently in post-production.

Zoé’s affection for and passion to work with avant-garde directors, actors and filmmakers drew her to unique projects, including the artist, Buddhi De Mal’s music video, ’Colors of Hate (No More)’. The project, directed by Benjamin Schultz, explores the themes of racism and intolerance.

Zoé’s music video credits include her directorial debut with ‘What’s Next?’ by the artist Charly. She collaborated again with Benjamin Schultz for camera operating and Caio Slikta for the fine arts. White board-drawing concept, this music video is based on the harsh and truthful lyrics by the songwriter Charly.

Her credits feature the music videos ‘No Rush’ by the band Charly&Faust, ‘Pay To Play’ by Tarah Who, ‘Pink Jacket’ by Ruben Markussen, and ’5 O’Clock”, by Andrew James Allen.

Celebrating critical acclaim and recognition across diverse platforms, 2019 is a breakout year in the career of Zoé Pelloux.

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