Young Brazilian Star Cesar Brandi

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Actor Cesar Brandi has Hollywood watching.

There are actors with looks. There are actors with talent. And there are actors with charisma. But sizzling actors possessing the triple threat in one package are rare. Think of a young DiCaprio, Mineo, and Pacino, and you have the newest name jumping off-Broadway and onto the screen:

Cesar Brandi. This Brazilian-born turned New York talent is ripe for the picking. With rave reviews and Cannes-selected films like Rosetta’s Blues under his belt, his star has exploded. He has the soulful look of anguished youth, but an acting ability mature beyond his years. When a talent this good shows up, Hollywood must let him in. As the lead in a number of films like Jaggers, Perks, and Somewhat Damaged behind him, he has already reached the top. With theatre credits like Romeo & Juliet, Doctor Faustus, and Five Flights, he dominates the stage as well as the screen.

In his review of the play, Five Flights, OnStage New York critic Thomas Burns Scully said of Cesar’s performance: “Cesar Brandi plays the melancholically endearing son, Ed, wonderfully. He fights hard for clarity and mutual understanding.” It should be mentioned that he also sings tenor, and likes to burn off steam by biking, swimming, and running, which also keeps him physically fit for his roles.

In case you’re mistaking him for a cute face discovered in a Justin Bieber video, think again. Cesar is young, but has spent the last several years seriously studying and shaping his talent. With Cesar’s range, he is equally adept at playing either a troubled teenager or brooding mobster with ease. In Block, he plays 3 different roles, which leaves one wondering how high he will continue to soar.

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