World Renowned Automotive Designer Philippe Emami

Artists are artists. Irrespective of the field, a true artist’s work can shine through any discipline. We usually write about actors, directors, cinematographers and other notable professionals in the film business. However, when we heard of Philippe Emami, we were quite blown away by the enormity of his artistic capabilities in the automobile industry, and even its transition to the medium of film and media. Philippe is a master of the concept car: he visualizes an idea, produces it, and some of the biggest international car companies sell it around the world. His creative mind sees opportunities for inventive design and innovative technology that are turned into real-life artistic pieces.

Philippe has over 23 years of experience in fields such as transportation and product design, as well as creative design. Speaking to Philippe, he states that one of the most important lessons he has learned over time is “less is more.” Putting it simply - a pure, successful design means minimizing complexity and embracing simplicity.

Philippe discussed his philosophy of design with us, stating that he believes the best designs involve objects that remain unchanged over time, remaining both beautiful and in harmony with the surroundings.

Philippe firmly believes that design must not be just about aesthetics, but it should also combine practicality along with technological advances. He not only talks about this philosophy, but he lives it. One example of a design that encompasses his innovative, ageless style of design was the work he produced for Peugeot, the Peugeot 508, which has received numerous awards including the Auto Zeitung Trophy in Germany, the Next Green Car trophy in the UK and the Car of the Year in Spain. Philippe’s design was a massive success, with a bold look that does not compromise on artistic design, yet still manages to offer some of the most advanced technological features for an outstanding driving experience.

Perhaps most exciting for us was learning that Philippe’s work designing and restoring his antique Los Angeles Police Car, the 1979 Chevy Caprice, has landed him and his car in several film and television productions. The 1979 Chevy Caprice was featured in several films, advertisements, and festivals, including the Netflix Fest. The car has been utilized by major production companies including Canal+, Touchstone Pictures, France Television, and FOX. Most recently, Philippe’s Chevy Caprice starred alongside the infamous soccer player Neymar and international supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, for a photoshoot for the Replay clothing line in Paris.

It is truly rare to encounter a true artist like Philippe Emami in such a unique and technology driven medium. As an automobile designer, his work shines both in the automotive and film industry, with the presence of his cars on almost every road in Europe. We are excited to see what he will bring next, and to watch him continue to drive innovation in design for the auto industry!

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