World Class Photographer Akshay Kandi Stays Creative

Being a professional photographer today is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a great deal of hard work, an understanding of lighting and it’s techniques. Akshay Kandi is a professional who actually goes way beyond what is needed to be a true professional. He not only has taken the time to immerse himself in al the state-of-the-art photography and lighting systems but he has an intuitive knack for capturing arresting images, both live and inanimate.

Akshay adheres to the concept that the mundane things we take for granted and see every day can be transformed by the photographer’s eye and his lens. And by transformed, he means that the commonplace can be turned into stunning beauty when seen from a different angle or is lit in a new way or when observed from an entirely novel perspective. He has achieved this metamorphosis in product photography for large internationally known companies such as Nike and others. He has also brought new life to model photography through his choice of background colors and lighting and also by his imaginative presentation of the perfect color clothing set against the appropriate skin tone of the model.

One of Akshay’s amazing photographs

Akshay has been a professional for over six years and he provides a wide range of styles and services that can and will please any client. His photographs run the gamut from advertising, magazines, websites and portraits. There is really no limit as far as he is concerned or as far as his talent and curiosity. His images have appeared in “Better Photography Magazine,” “Beverly Press Newspaper,” “Tinsel Town News Now,” “Social Post News,” and among many others, “WOW” Magazine.

His clients love his work and many of them have made extremely positive things about him. Alexander Nadolishny of “Design NY, Inc. said Akshay is an “A Person with Extraordinary ability.” Archana Rao, Fashion Label, thinks Akshay is “A valued addition to the field of Photography.” VESTA Homes wrote that Akshay “Is one of a kind. His work inspires personally and professionally.” Other companies that he has photographed for have said that he is “Reliable and Dedicated.” “An amazing ability and remarkable work.” “He hits deadlines with the highest quality images.” Akshay is a true professional.

To contact Akshay Kandi:

Ph: (US) 669–225–4208 or via email at: info@akshaykandi



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