Wilson Phillips Perform At The Canyon In Agoura Hills With Special Guest Owen Vanessa Elliot

Wilson Phillips on stage at The Canyon

Wilson Phillips performed to a packed out audience at The Canyon in Agoura Hills last month. The band which includes all the original members (Chynna Phillips, Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson) performed some of their biggest hits including ‘Hold On’ (which Chynna Phillips dedicated to her home town of Montecito, California ravaged by wild fires a couple of months back), as well as ‘You’re in Love’, ‘Release Me’ and even a couple of Beatles songs, which were crowd favorites.

The ladies of Wilson Phillips who have survived 30 years in the tough world of the music business, spoke of how proud they are to still be performing and doing music, this many years later and how grateful they are to still be appreciated for their work. They looked and sounded phenomenal -in fact, very much like their records which we have all grown to know and love over the years. Another highlight of the night was when the daughter of Mama Cass (Owen Vanessa Elliot) joined Wilson Phillips on stage to sing a classic -sounding very much like her mother, much to the roaring applause from the audience.

Wilson Phillips joined on stage by Owen Vanessa Elliot

Not only are Wilson Phillips extremely talented, but they also happen to be very down to earth -often poking fun at themselves on stage, which shows what a great sense of humor they all have.

Wilson Phillips will return for another set of shows in April, so be sure to check out one of their fantastic shows.

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