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William Close an the Earth Harp

William Close is a musical visionary. More than a performer, William has over two decades of experience creating new instruments. His defining creation is the Earth Harp, an instrument where giant strings tie into the architecture or the performance landscape. The space is thus, transformed into the instrument.

The Earth Harp is the latest of 100 new instruments designed by William. He conceives, designs and builds each of his musical inventions — often playing them himself or enlisting other talented musicians to perform with the instrument, adding their own unique style.

In a theater performance, the Earth Harp’s chambers are set on the stage and the strings extend from the stage out over the audience to the balcony. As the theater becomes the instrument, the audience experiences the music from inside the instrument. The New York Times defined the experience as,

“It’s like being in a giant cello”.

The Earth Harp has been an installation and performance spectacle all over the world -

From the Grand Theater in Shanghai to the Kennedy Center to the Miller Performing Arts complex in Houston. It has been performed aboard Royal Caribbean, at the Super Bowl, at Cirque du Soleil, on TV’s Americas Got Talent, at The Singapore Night Festival, Rome’s Notte Bianca, The Shanghai International Arts Festival, Burning Man, and Coachella Music Festival.

The magic of the Earth Harp has incredibly been featured at remote and exceptional places: top of sky scrapers, atop canyons and in valleys, ancient temples, on sacred lands, inside cathedrals , historic monuments, atriums, airport terminals and public plazas.

William expresses his passion by continually working to perfect the sonic beauty of the instrument — always refining and testing new designs. To date, William has designed and built over fifty different bridges and resonating chambers for the Earth Harp. Beyond a symphonic performance experience, the Earth Harp inspires awareness and honor to the places in which it is installed.

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