The New Film ‘Whitney’ In Theaters July 6th

Fans of ‘The Voice’ Whitney Houston, be prepared to take your tissues when you see the new documentary about the late singer released on July 6th. The film which was executive produced by Pat Houston gives an in depth look at the trials and tribulations of probably one of the best, if not THE best female vocalist in the world (next to my other favorite Mariah Carey, of course!).

As an avid fan of Whitney’s, I remember singing her songs in talent shows and dressing up like her when I was only 8 years old in Australia -so needless to say, she inspired me to become a singer as well! Fast forward to when I met her and Bobby Brown in 2004 in Atlanta with my best friend, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It was surreal to meet one of my idols in person but at the same time, sad to see Whitney in self destruct mode. It was even more of a tragedy to learn that such an amazing person who touched so many lives, was also battling so many demons within herself and her life.

However, what I will always remember about this time, is when I was able to give Bobby a copy of my demo and the following night after he heard it, asked if his wife could “sing one of my songs” that he had heard. Even though sadly, that opportunity didn’t happen, it still meant a lot to me knowing that Whitney and Bobby loved my original song ‘Till We Meet Again’, which I wrote and recorded in Australia. I also had the chance to tell Whitney how much her music and voice inspired me and I remember seeing tears well up in her eyes. These are the moments I will always treasure!

The new film Whitney will take audiences through a behind the scenes look at some of her career highlights, but also the heartbreaking side which became the cause of a lot of her struggles. I will always love Whitney Houston, she inspired me so much and her voice will forever live on. I am sure she is at peace now and singing with the angels. Rest in Peace Whitney.

Whitney is in Theaters July 6th

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