Where There Is A Will, There Is Definitely A Way For Actor Ego Mikitas

Where there is a will — there is definitely a way. Ego Mikitas must have this maxim floating around somewhere in his very keen mind because obviously, he has great will power and he has used it to build a very nice acting career for himself. His clear mind and focus also pushed him past many obstacles to earn a Ph.D. in International Law at the Moscow New University, along with receiving the coveted title of “Guest Professor” by the Utah/Russia Institute, UVSC.

Ego has been in numerous feature film productions and has played everything from a Russian officer to mob bosses and assassins. He’s never been a member of the Russian mob as far as we know, but his experience in the Russian Special Forces certainly gave him the edge for getting parts like soldiers and characters who understand weapons and what they can be used for. He’s been acting for years and he is a founder and director of the prestigious Twins Theatre in Moscow, where he is originally from. He acted in many of the Twins’ productions and also produced the Russian Balls entertainment programs.

Ego’s talents aren’t only relegated to acting. He loves music and he plays the piano and viola quite beautifully when he has the time. He is also rather poetic and philosophical: “Born in the Soviet Union, Greek by blood, Russian by soul. Cosmopolitan by mind and Buddhist in spirit.” That’s a quick description of himself, by him.

Ego has resident bases, as he likes to call them, in New York, Moscow, Bangkok and Melbourne. And he takes advantage of these places when he is acting in other countries. When you look at his resumé you can understand why he has “bases” around the world. He recently finished Thailand’s shooting the movie Troy 2, The Odyssey, in which he had the key role of Priam, the King of Troy. He played a mob assassin in Out For Vengeance (Netherlands), produced by True Spirit Entertainment, and he was the convincing and rather surprisingly intelligent Russian Officer in “Neverland”, filmed in New Zealand.

Ego performs all over the world, which is fine with him because he loves traveling and getting to know different cultures and meeting unique people. He has a TV series coming up in 2017 and we can’t wait to see it.