We Catch Up With Jason R. Moore From Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ On Netflix Tonight

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Hi Jason, it’s great to meet you. How excited are you about The Punisher -Season 1 airing tonight on Netflix — also, how did you become involved with the series?

Im crazy excited! It seems like time slowed down anticipating the release of The Punisher, but now we are here and I can’t wait to see how the fans respond to it. It was one of those mysterious auditions that are pretty common when dealing with Marvel projects. In fact when I first got the audition, I didn’t even know it was for a Marvel project named The Punisher. I worked this audition as I normally do and I was fortunate enough for this one to go my way.

What drew you to the particular character you play and what do you like most about it?

Well, you are going to see how Curtis struggles to help Frank and others while keeping his cool and keeping a handle on things at the same time. I would say the struggle for any character is my attraction. It’s what we as actors, get to play with — and what we get to bite into. Curtis Hoyle has a rich struggle not being the man he used to be before the war and that is so great to play with as an actor.

What are some of the biggest challenges being on a series like this, if any?

Well the entire process is so secretive. I imagine that working for the CIA is something like working on a Marvel set. I laugh about it at times, we all do — but we understand it though. I know the physical aspects can be challenging — stunts, fight scenes and things like that, but that’s also, the most fun too.

Who were some of your acting influences growing up?

Oh man! Ill be here for days trying to list them all, but I was heavily influenced by Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Gene Wilder because come on! who didn’t watch Willy Wonka? There are so many actors that I have shamelessly stolen moves from that I’m ready to use at any time in my work. But, all jokes aside, I use others work for inspiration and methods to give the best performance possible.

What do you like to do in your down time and how do you stay so grounded in such a tough industry?

In my down time I enjoy movies, Poker and I might jump on a video game. My supporters are what keep me grounded. My friends are not afraid to constructively criticize and push me to continually develop as an actor and as a human being. They pull no punches and are raw — that’s why they get so much respect from me. Level headed thinking is important in this industry and I think the people who you’re around greatly effect the way you think. So it’s really important to surround yourself with great thinkers.

What would you like fans and audiences to take away with them after watching The Punisher?

We comment on some pretty relevant issues in the series such as PTSD, The War industry and domestic terrorism just to name a few. I want the audience to be able to take a critical look at what governments do when it comes to wars. Also, the treatment or lack thereof of Veterans. It’s a shame so many Vets come home from war and kind of have to fend for themselves when breaking back into civilian life. I hope that we can show another side of the returning soldier’s image.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists to remember when breaking into the business?

Surround yourself with good, solid thinkers in life and business, keep your expenses low… and have patience.

The Punisher -Season 1 airs tonight on Netflix.

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