Watch Out LA! There’s A New Fitness Trainer Coming To Town- Nicholas Katsidis

The Amazingly Talented And Inspiring Nicholas Katsidis

Hi Nick, it’s great to meet you. Firstly, let’s talk about your start into the world of sports. When did you first get into the fitness industry?

Thank you and nice to meet you also. Well it all started from birth in my eyes, I started playing soccer from the age of 4 and continued to be involved in sports right up to making it my profession. I have been in the sports/fitness health and wellness industry for 5 years from a career perspective, but it all started 23 years ago in my first season of soccer.

What were your favorite sports growing up?

This question is hard as I love all sports but I would have to say soccer, martial arts and racing (go-karts, F1 etc).

Who/what did you look up to in the sports/fitness world? What made you want to be a part of it?

This is a hard one as there are so many athletes I loved growing up but Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Pelé are a few off the top of my head. I have always been an active kid and always strive to be the best I can be in anything I do. This has had an effect on the achievements I have made in sports, which I feel, has helped guide me to the sports health/wellness fitness industry as a career. I was always good at sports so it seemed the right fit; when you have a passion for your work you will never see it as a job but as a lifestyle.

Were you and your family very health conscious growing up or was this something you gradually got into?

(Laughs)I need to be careful with this one in case mum reads it! But, yes, we have always been a healthy family. We always had a good variety of food in our house. I have probably made an impact on our meals, but they have always been well made, thanks to mum!

What kind of training have you had and what has been one of the most valuable things you have learned?

I have had a great variety of training which I think is one of the most important parts of what has made me successful. It all started from a young age, playing in the highest leagues as a youth and senior player in soccer, reaching high levels in martial arts, and enjoying my time on the race track — racing go-karts.

I have been very lucky that I have had great coaches/specialists that have given me amazing knowledge along the way. As a fitness professional, this helped me a lot when I was studying to be a personal trainer. I am very thankful that I have learned from many disciplines. Since being in the industry as a professional, I have furthered my knowledge by gaining qualifications including my Master Trainer level 1, Crossfit level 1 Trainer, MMA level 1 & 2 Coach and a Sports Specific Coaching Specialist. I am now going for my ASCA, NCAS level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach qualifications. It’s hard to say what the most valuable thing I have learned is, as it is all very valuable and important in different ways. I would say the most valuable thing I have learned as a trainer/coach is that you can never know enough and to always open your horizons to learning new things.

What has been one of the most challenging things for you and why?

I would have to say finding the courage to give it a go and believe in my abilities when I started out as a new trainer in the industry.

What are some of your tips on fitness and keeping healthy and strong?

You have to be dedicated. Don’t always go for the quick and easy fix, it never works or it wont last. The best way to achieve your goals or maintain a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle is by going through the hard times and working hard. This makes you appreciate what you have achieved so much more, and you will find the right mindset and dedication you need to maintaining this healthy, happy, lifestyle.

What is one of the biggest highlights of your career so far and why?

Becoming an Internationally recognized fitness professional. Building, maintaining an international clientele base and creating international relationships with both individual fitness professionals and also fitness companies in the industry. This Is a massive achievement for any trainer. Having the courage to go to an unknown place on the other side of the world and start from scratch not knowing anything about the fitness culture is not something people just do. It takes courage, confidence and self belief that you will do whatever it takes to make it work. It also gave me the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business and learn from them. This was pinnacle in my decision making to want to travel and work in this industry around the world. I definitely feel this has to be my biggest achievement.

What do you have coming up?

I’m currently working on branching into the fitness industry in LA. I would love to strengthen on building and expanding my relationships in LA that I created during my stay there, early last year. Some of my goals for LA is to build an A-list Celebrity clientele base and start my path to becoming a global fitness health and wellness ambassador that’s highly regarded in the industry. I also want to stream more specifically into sports coaching and potentially pick up a strength and conditioning coaching roll with a professional team in sports such as Soccer, MMA, NFL, NHL, NBA, college level Sports etc.

What would be your ideal job in this industry and why?

It’s not so much the ideal job, it’s more about a career lifestyle, goals, ambitions and a dream I am chasing. My main career objective in the health, wellness and fitness industry, is to give back. I want to give back to the fitness industry as it has done so much for me. The fitness industry has guided me through the toughest stages of my life. It has taught me discipline, respect, love, passion, enjoyment, happiness and some of the personal morals and ethics that have made me the person I am today.

There are many ways I would love to give back, such as:

  • Opening my own gym/gym’s.
  • Creating a new style of training.
  • Reinventing a style that’s already out.
  • Training a professional/professional’s/team to win a title/championship.
  • Creating a nutritional/training program that has been proven to get results and publish a book.
  • Publish a book on mental health by helping others mental states through training and most importantly through every day life (To me this is a massive part of being able to help people change their health, wellness, fitness lifestyle and much more).
  • Mentoring young trainers.
  • Motivational speaking. I love to help people achieve their goals and help change their lifestyles. I continuously tell my PT’s in my mentorship program that we are in the same category as doctors and surgeon’s. Yes they may earn more on a general basis and have to go through many years of studying, but they are the cure, we are the preventative. To me, a preventative is much more important then a cure. If you can prevent something from happening then there would not be any use for a cure. There is no better satisfaction and feeling than when your clients tell you what they have achieved and how they are feeling, even by simply saying thank you for helping.

That is what it’s all about and is the biggest gift a PT/lifestyle coach could possibly be given. For me, it’s not about the fame or the money, it’s about creating and leaving behind a legacy. I want people to know who I am and what I have achieved and given back to the health, wellness and fitness industry.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring fitness fanatics?

I could sit here all day giving them advice, but if I had to narrow it down it would have to be, don’t give up, chase your dreams, stay positive, live and learn, and appreciate everyone’s views. Always remember why you’re doing it and what your doing it for. This is your life, your lifestyle, so make the most of it because we only have one life.

Thanks so much for your time Nick!

Thank you.

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