Visual Development, Concept Artist and Matte Painter- Luca Pisanu

Luca Pisanu
One of Luca’s amazing pieces of work from Disney Pixar.

Who knew that Florence, Italy was still a place filled with endless artistic opportunities just as it was in the Renaissance? Apparently, artists like Luca Pisanu did. He studied there at the Academy of Art and found that it was the perfect place for his extensive artistic talents to be nurtured.

Luca is a concept artist and matte painter, among many other things, who is quite technically adept in the digital art world. Currently lives in Los Angeles Luca works for companies like Disney and Insomniac Games.

Some of the most recent projects he worked on at Disney are names like Moana, Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur and he’s currently in the work on the upcoming Wreck It Ralph 2.

Luca has always been dedicated to art, drawing and illustrating in particular. Luca grew up in a small northern Italian town where he was greatly influenced by his dad who was also an illustrator. As a child, when he wasn’t outside playing sports, Luca would spend hours drawing and copying comic book figures and Disney characters. He studied graphic design in high school, along with computer graphics, compositing and learning all the creative digital software he could, including, Photoshop, 3D programs and Flash, among many others.

Luca also learned how to design video game art and digital artwork for films. After he completed his studies in Florence, he worked on several projects in Italy and then traveled to London to further pursue his professional aspirations. Immediately, his gifts were recruited by Factory311, a post-production studio where he worked with Nicholas Hardy, the well-known photographer and Art Director. There, Luca further honed his already impressive skills, working on projects such as a campaign for Valentino, projects for GQ and a MMA Shootings.

After moving back to Italy, Luca worked for several ad agencies on major national and international commercials and advertising campaigns for renowned brands such as Dodge, Fiat, Montblanc, WWF, Jeep and many others. Job offers also came in from London, bringing him back to the UK to work for the prestigious advertising company Taylor James, where he worked on more high profile ad campaigns for Microsoft, Rolex, Nissan, Ford and so on.

Luca loves what he does and he takes his craft and his artwork very seriously. He has traveled a great deal and has established professional contacts with companies such as Corridor Digital, Lindsey Stirling, Player Piano and many, many more. He has worked with well-known celebrities in California and recently was a Matte Painter for the Zelda Project. Now in Los Angeles, he continues to pursue his dreams, creating impactful art and entertainment.

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