Victoria Freire Continues Her Successful Acting Journey with A New Off-Broadway Play In New York

Victoria Freire is preparing for her first show as a playwright and actress in New York.

Wow! What a long list of achievements in Victoria Freire’s acting resumé. It’s as though she has been in the entertainment industry since the 1500s. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but the list is long, and she is obviously a very experienced, talented and extremely busy actress. This Spanish performer, who currently resides in New York City, began her acting career in Spain and was awarded a Diploma in Acting by The Cinema School of Madrid (ECAM). She also attended Acting Schools in New York such as Susan Batson Studio and HB Studio.

Victoria is known for her versatility and professionalism. She’s always on time and hits her marks and knows her lines. She makes sure to do her homework and comes prepared to do the job at hand, which, in her line of work is becoming someone else (a character), right before our very eyes. She has done TV, feature-length motion pictures and short films. She also has a strong background in theatre, and she has numerous credits in Off-Broadway productions such as, “Brain,” “Sketches of New York,” “The Home” and “Beware the Kraken,” to name but a few.

Some of Victoria´s feature film credits are “A bench in the park,” “Dual: Heirs from the past,” “A Fantastic World” and “A year on the Moon,” among others. She has worked with award winning directors such as Agustí Vila and Max Lemcke. Some of the TV Shows she is well known for are “Hospital Central,” and “Estudio 1” in Spanish TV.

More recently, Victoria’s work in the States has included full-length movies and short films such as the award-winning short “The Indivisibility of blood” directed by Jessie-Ann Kohlman. It is a story about two brothers, Jon and Aaron as they navigate the violence of New York City and their tumultuous childhood in a broken home. She played Camila Featherstone in the feature film “The Dirty Kind,” which was produced by the legendary actor Michael Madsen, and directed by Vilan Trub, “The Dirty Kind” tells the story of an inexperienced private detective accidentally uncovering the murder of a politician’s mistress. And, among other projects, Victoria was in the important film “1948” directed by Ken Sibanda. The film shows the South African National Party coming to power in 1948 and it embarks on a Nazi policy of segregated Apartheid. The action is seen through the eyes of a café owner caught up in the new laws.

Victoria is preparing her first show as playwright and actress. It will open in an Off-Broadway theater in NYC. The play is “The Devil’s card” and will be presented as part of a Women’s Festival.



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