VASSY Releases Her New Single “Don’t Wanna Be Right” With Vinny Vibe


I recently caught up with one of my favorite fellow Aussies — singer, songwriter and producer VASSY, to talk about her latest single and to find out what she misses the most about our beloved Australia. Here is what she had to say:

Hi VASSY, it’s so lovely catching up with you. How has everything been going for you? I understand you just got back from Greece as well. How was that?

Greece was amazing! The best place in the summer!

Tell us about your new single “Don’t Wanna Be Right” with Vinny Vibe. How did this collab come about? And what was the concept/idea for the song?

“Don’t Wanna Be Right’ is a love song about loving someone when you know it’s wrong, but it feels so right. I just wanted to create something romantic but uplifting and energetic and I reached out to Vinny as we had been talking about working on something for a while now, and this was the perfect song.

Where does a lot of your inspiration come from these days when you write new music?

I get inspiration from all sorts of things it really depends. It could be from something I’ve experienced in life or something I’ve heard about or something I’d like to experience. It kind of depends on the song.

Who were some of your musical influences growing up both from Australia and overseas?

I’ve been influenced by various artists over the years but particularly, older music artists from the jazz era and artists from the 90s, who started dance -the real pioneers of dance music!

What’s coming up next for VASSY? Any new tours or shows on the horizon?

Yes finally shows have opened up again I was touring all this year from Philadelphia to New York to Denver to Texas. It’s been great for goodness working on new material, and I have more shows coming up in the US.

What do you miss the most about Australia?

The thing I miss most about Australia, is my family and a good Aussie breakfast and a flat white!

Thanks again for your time, VASSY and best of luck for your new song and shows!

Cheers, VASSY

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