Varun Verma -Producing Creativity

Varun Verma is a film and content producer recognized for his collaborations with the industry’s leading studios, performers and the world’s iconic brands. His current film,’Good Girl’, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2019.

Varun was born in New Delhi, India, studying electronic communications at Amity University. However, Varun always embodied a sense of adventure and a life with freedom and creativity. Once he was introduced to film courses during undergrad studies, Varun was inspired to pursue a career in the arts. He earned a Masters in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles — graduating with a Master of Arts in film and media production in 2016.

Varian’s vast experience in the industry features collaborating with producer Siddharth Ganji at his Orange County based production company, Replay Collective. Varuna is currently a partner and part-owner of the “Replay Collective, producing production services to elite clients: Warner Brothers, EA Games, AT&T, Chevy, Nescafe, and music videos for famous YouTube celebrities, and the Grammy award winning artists, Snoop Dogg, and Ty Dolla$ign.

Varun’s music video productions have earned over seven million views per artist. His clients and collaborations include videos for, Trisha Pastas: Fat Chicks (7 million views), Lost And Found, Leonardo, Line Play, Little, Less, Don’t Forget Me, Santa Baby, If I Could Turn Back Time. Varun’s viral videos with YouTube sensation, Shane Dawson have been viewed over 4 million times. Varun’s content with Ricky Dillion, celebrate 3 million views including the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, ‘Problematic’.

Recently, Varun produced two films garnering critical attention, ‘Ruhi-Drift’, and ‘Good Girl’. ‘Good Girl’ tells the story of human trafficking told through the prism of the dangers of dating apps. Varun developed the idea and shepherded the project through the development, financing, production and distribution. The film’s content attracted the support and recognition from the NGO Flash United. ‘Good Girl’ is set for release in 2019.

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Claire (Interviewer/Writer)

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Claire (Interviewer/Writer)