Valerie Khoudari Behind New Contest for Screenwriters and NFT Artists “The Adôn Cosmonauts”

Filmmaker Valerie Khoudari

Valerie Khoudari is a woman who follows her dreams and apparently doesn’t let anything get in the way of her manifesting them. As a young girl she nurtured her passion for fairy tales and began writing fantasy stories for herself. She fully explored the vastness and brightness of her imagination, and her original tales were a big hit with her family and friends. As she matured, so did her story sense and she decided to transform her stories into visual realities that could be seen and heard and felt much more strongly than just through the spoken word of someone reading her fairytales aloud.

She earned degrees in Filmmaking, Cinematography and Screenwriting in Los Angeles and New York and began making her colorful, lively and sometimes spectral visions come alive on the big screen. She produced, wrote and directed several award-winning films that have traveled the world and she and her films have been invited to participate in some of the most famous film festivals on the planet. Currently, among other duties and projects, Valerie is an Executive Producer of the film Dakkar, which is in development by producers of the films Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire.

Her website has the phrase: “Cosmic Fairy Tales for the dreaming audience looking for meaningful inspiration.” This statement perfectly describes the films that she produces, directs and writes. She shows us the world of her inner, inner mind, the part of the mind that only true artists have the courage to divulge. Some of the images are dark and foreboding while at the same time they give a hint of hope that there is a brighter future, or at least a future where the character survives whatever danger or scary situation, he or she is in.

Digitalist Hub is introducing a contest for screenwriters and NFT artists to become the Founding Creators of one of the first NFT VR 3D animated series, “The Adôn Cosmonauts” and Valerie is on the founding board. NFT artists submit their best art, and the winners will design the planets, the Anulim Gods, aliens, creatures, the Adôn Cosmonauts and the entire universe. The sci-fi/fantasy screenwriters submit their best sci-fi/fantasy screenplays (up to 20 pages) and the winners will write the pilot and episodes of the Series.

The winners will become the Founding Creators of the Series, and have ownership of their creations, which they will be able to sell and trade on blockchain marketplaces. Digitalist Hub will promote their work on TikTok, other social media platforms, media websites and blogs. Industry professionals will review their work as well. Valerie Khoudari, as we can see, is as busy as an artist can be. Her mind is constantly creating new films, new animated series and new worlds.

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