UK Actor Charlie Spencer Clark Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Charlie Spencer Clark, the commanding English actor, was asked what advice he would give to aspiring actors, he thought for a moment and told the interviewer that “sameness” was a killer of creativity and quite possibly a career killer also. He strongly suggests to people who are coming up that they should stay away from the pool of sameness and not become like everyone else. When one loses originality, he went on to say, one makes things harder for oneself as an artist.

As a practical method to maintaining your “true self” and originality in performances, you need to think back to when you began acting and when you first wanted to be an actor or actress. That “thing” you had is what set you apart from everybody else. That “thing” was your true self expressing its originality. That “thing” is what was unique about YOU and is what made you unique when compared to all other actors and artists, and that is what real acting is all about. It’s also, by the way, what audiences thrive on seeing.

Other thinking, feeling and self-aware actors and actresses have observed the same thing when they looked at what makes someone a successful actor. The ones who make it and who have long-lasting careers are the ones who are able to hold on to that “thing,” that early enthusiasm and innocent desire to act.

Charlie has obviously worked at keeping his uniqueness and avoiding the swamp of sameness that so many actors tend to get stuck in. His acting abilities and skill at building a character from the inside out has earned him the recognition that generally comes with that kind of discipline. Among other accolades, Charlie has won a “Critics’ Rising Star” honor and “Best Actor” award for his thespian talents. LA Weekly wrote about Charlie: “The kid has a colossal gift and his vision is brutally honest.” Well said and right on target, or “spot on” as the Brits would say.

Charlie is one of those rare actors whose mere presence alone is enough to attract the audience’s gaze to his side of the screen. He doesn’t have to say a word — he only has to show up and the viewers expect something from him, whether it’s a threat, a humorous quip or a sensitive and sympathetic gesture. He has that “thing” and he also has a great deal of presence.




Entertainment news, features & interviews by Amber Claire.

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