TrackaBangBang: Action Film Visionary

Action Star Tracka Bang Bang

TrackaBangBang’s career in filmmaking was inspired by Hollywood and Hong Kong movies. His passion began in childhood when witnessing the action on screen caused him to dream.

TrackaBangBang is an auteur, excelling at multiple disciplines in the industry — as a writer, producer, actor and VFX creator. His craft is self-taught, learning his craft from watching movies and videos on the internet. His popularity has soared since the launch of his social media pages in 2016. His films are short content videos that have earned over 450 million views.

Currently, TrackaBangBang is releasing action videos and sees himself as an actor playing a “bad ass who knows how to kick ass.” He specializes in action/comedy and would love to work one day with his hero, Jackie Chan. TrackaBangBang is living his Hollywood dream, making movies.

His best piece of advice to fellow filmmakers? “Do what you love no matter what, push and don’t ever tell yourself that something isn’t impossible. As long as you work, success is just a matter of time”.

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