Tony Bennett Kicks Off ‘I Left My Heart In San Francisco’ Live From His Home In NY

On April 25th, San Francisco Chief of Protocol Charlotte Shultz along with the legendary Tony Bennett put together a tribute for those on the front lines during Covid-19 with a live shelter in place sing-a-long of ‘I Left My Heart In San Francisco’. Along with other bay area natives like producer and musician Narada Michael Walden, singer and songwriter Paul Griffiths, saloon singer Mark Robinson, the San Francisco City Opera -and others, the empty streets could be heard in unison with the popular hashtag #SingOutSF -which had people singing from their homes and showing their love and support for the frontline and emergency workers.

The song which was originally released by Tony Bennett in 1962, has been an anthem for many years, but this year, it meant so much more for the people of San Francisco. This incredibly powerful rendition was made possible via the wonders of technology connecting people from their homes, where they could be a part of the tribute and celebration. During a time of such sadness, uncertainty and anxiety, it is proven that music brings everybody together from around the world. It is a way to remain inspired and positive during a pandemic, where everything has come to a complete stand still.

For more on how you can help the frontline workers and those effected, visit link below:



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