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Actor and Director Tinks Lovelace

Meet Tinks Lovelace, working with BAG O’ BONE Collective in art, fashion, and film storytelling. Simply put her work, like her mind, is brilliant. And I use brilliant in the true sense of the word: exceptionally clever and/or talented.

Othello & Otis her 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival show, alongside Francesca Gamez, had sold out seats with rave reviews and was subsequently nominated for 5 awards, including the prestigious INK Well Promise award and the 2 Cents Distinctive Voices award, winning the Encore producers award. Her last 3 Hollywood Fringe Festival shows in a row have won the Encore Producer’s Award.

She has an affinity for delicate, haunting visuals and luminous characters. She’s strikingly beautiful and a rare talent, originally from Nottinghamshire, England. Tinks has an old-school, true artist feel about her: fiercely private with her personal life, preferring to put her heart and soul on display in her work.

Her film work has included the award winning short NunChuck, At The End Of the Night and the soon to be released Already Adults.

Her upcoming projects will include working on a critical, lead role with Old Dirt Road Pictures on their upcoming feature film A Broken Mind, written by the award-winning Matthew Dennis Lewis from Netflix’s award winning Godless –and will be presented to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The drama follows an army vet newly returned from war.

In addition, Tinks will also be in a critical role for another Old Dirt Road Pictures production of Shit! Zombies. A double upcoming collaboration for these award winners.

We look forward to the moments this private artist allows us glimpses into her world and her continuous and inspiring mind.

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