The Talented Work of Steadicam Operator Eric Catelan

The invention of the Steadicam changed everything as far as movie making goes. It made dolly and tracking shots that used to seem impossible to get, some of the easiest shots on a movie. Of course, since no tracks had to be built and no dolly had to be pulled or pushed toward the subject, this saved time and money, two of the main considerations that producers and some directors feel are critical in the filmmaking process.

Eric Catelan has been a Steadicam operator for roughly 18 years and has established himself as one of the expert professionals in the industry. His resumé is so long and the movies he’s worked on so famous that he is widely known and well-respected among industry executives and elites. Eric Catelan is much more than simply a cog in a wheel in the filmmaking process, as his work and expertise has been central to the realization of captivating cinematography. Added to such achievements, Catelan is also a Master Instructor for Steadicam workshops and trainings, and has worked alongside Steadicam inventor Garret Brown to teach master classes in the use of this revolutionary tool.

The Steadicam was invented by Garret Brown and introduced to the film industry in 1975. The camera system stabilizes the camera’s movement as it isolates the operator’s actions, producing a smooth continuous shot without bounce or jiggle, even if the operator is traveling over a bumpy pathway. As an indicator of its importance, Garret Brown and his team at Cinema Products Corporation won a Scientific/Technical Award for the development of the Steadicam at the 50th Annual Academy Awards.

Eric Catelan has worked as a Steadicam operator and/or camera operator on over 50 films and over a dozen TV shows, many of which have become household names and won many of the industry’s highest honors and awards. Some of the great films he has helped bring to life include: The DaVinci Code, The Statement, Kiss of The Dragon, 8, LeMonde Estatoi, Secret Agents, Loser Takes All!, The Red Siren, Winged Migration, Once Upon an Angel, Renegade, Samurai, Brotherhood of The Wolf to mention only a few.

Performing a vital role in each of the dozens of productions on which he has worked and capturing the best footage possible, Catelan’s precision, creative vision, and technical expertise have greatly contributed to the world of entertainment. He has worked among the highest echelon of the industry, on productions for major studios such as 20th century Fox, Europa Corp, United Artists, and Canal+, to name a few. Steadicam operation and camera operation are among the most influential filmmaking skills and Eric Catelan has consistently captured beautiful, visceral shots. In this regard, the work of camera operators such as Catelan is invaluable to the world of film of entertainment.

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