The Talented Kahli Williams -From ‘Neighbours’ To Hollywood

The beautiful Kahli Williams

The Aussies are at it again. They are taking over the international entertainment industry and no one is trying to stop them. Why is that? Don’t people know that Australia has produced some of the finest actors in the world? Are people just turning a blind eye to these Australian thespians because they don’t want to see the apocalypse coming? Well, I am here to warn everyone about this upcoming revolution and to be on the lookout for one Aussie in particular: Ms. Kahli Williams.

Yes, that’s Kahli Williams. She’s the one who charmed everyone in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, countless short films including, Banana Split, The Proposal, The Resurgence, I Knew You’d Say That!, Isabelle, and Just The Way It Is, amongst many more. She was also in several feature length motion pictures such as, Blood Hunt, Model Behavior, and is in the soon to be released movie The Siege of Robin Hood. I almost hesitate to say that Kahli has also shined very brightly in the long running and extremely popular TV series Neighbours. There, I’ve said it for the sake of truth.

Kahli’s obsession with entertainment began, she says, with the movie Fantasia. Then it moved into a more mature area with the book and movie of Gone With The Wind and then it climbed into a different reality by watching Pulp Fiction when she was 15 years old. That great film drew her into enjoying playing real people in desperate and messy situations so she has always been attracted to the grit and dirt as well.

Kahli has had an eye on taking over the film industry ever since she was a kid. She even admits that art and acting are both in her DNA. With that kind of blunt admission I simply don’t know why producers and directors let her act. Yes, her acting is certainly way above what one might expect of a revolutionary and it could even be called excellent and superb in most cases, but don’t let that fool you even if she is great at what she does.

She is still out to be the best actress in the world and she can only do it if you, the audience participate in her scheme, that is, by paying to see her act and giving her high praise as you walk out of the theatre. Just stay home and keep her from doing what she does best: giving the finest performance of her life each and every time she is in a film or TV series.

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