The Talented and Gifted Ezra J. William

Ezra J. William was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and has lived in many cosmopolitan areas around the globe, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and currently, he resides in New York City. He is immersed in the design universe and creates incredible fashion concepts that many have labeled “androgynous.” If you see some of his creations you’ll understand why: many of them can be comfortably worn by a man or a woman. He, of course, is always the first to wear his own concepts and when he goes out on the town in them he gets truthful feedback from the people of New York or wherever he is living at the moment.

The fashion world has welcomed this unique and very gifted person into its arms. When he was 13, Exra fell in love with the clothing world, not just any run of the mill clothing that one might go to the grocery in, but extraordinary fashion caught his eye and wouldn’t let go. Ezra is a fan of Karl Lagerfeld, among others and he would definitely like to work with someone of his stature. Of course, Ezra’s own stature has grown considerably in the last few years and he has established himself as the David Bowie and the Andy Warhol of Seventh Avenue.

He may not like those comparisons but genius is genius and courage is courage and Ezra has both genius and courage and so those alone would put him the same category as the two late artists just named. Anyway, it’s always refreshing when someone comes on the scene with so much flourish and color. It wakes people up and then they have to give the designer and his concepts a much closer look, which is good in Ezra’s case because his clothing is not only making a statement, but it is fun to see.

Ezra’s advice to aspiring artists: Always listen to yourself and stay true to your heart. And that’s just what he does — he walks the talk and that’s one of the things that has brought him to where he is today. His plans for the near future include the launch of a shoe collection and opening a Balinese/French restaurant. Both should be huge hits, knowing how detail oriented Ezra is. We just can’t decide if we’ll buy his shoes first or eat at his restaurant.

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