The Sparkle by Lana Lekarinou

There are many creative and noteworthy new filmmakers out there right now and one, in particular to keep an eye on is the very talented Lana Lekarinou. We happened to see her short film The Sparkle the other night and we could not have been more impressed. Exquisitely shot and boasting a hauntingly beautiful score, this emotionally charged small budget picture delivers big time when it comes to quality and production value.

Sarah Leners is captivating in the lead role of Sophia. She had us engaged and concerned for her well being from the first take. We are instantly pulled into her plight, as through her actions and their consequences, her personal journey unfolds.

Expertly directed by Lana Lekarinou, Sarah knows how to underplay her desperate situation while expressing her character’s intense emotions with simple nuances, looks, and gestures. Sarah’s exemplary performance reflects either a deep connection to the role, or a true thespian soul within.

Zachary Shelton, as Frank, lends a strong lead presence. His personal power was unleashed just enough to project a fully developed real-life scoundrel. In addition to writing and directing this significant film, Lana was also required to step out from behind the camera and put on her acting hat when an intended actor missed her connecting flight. Excellent artistic contributions were also made by the talented cast including Olivier Riquelme, Michael Andolini, Jennifer Sorensen, Hakim Wilson and Ralph Garey.

Ms. Lekarinou was born in Athens, Greece, grew up around various parts of the United States, studying theatre while living in New York City. Her recently released semi-autobiographical short, The Sparkle, is already receiving numerous nominations and accolades from critics and juries, including an award for Best Director.

The film is produced by LVP Films, a boutique production company created by Lana as a vehicle for showcasing stories about women. At present, Lana is working on her second short, Helping Out and the pilot for Colorblind, a situation comedy. Colorblind is an original series, currently in post-production, written by Lana and produced in association with Antonia Roman of That’s So Funny Entertainment.

We would be amiss not to mention the excellent work done by John Honoré, The Sparkle’s cinematographer, who is a consummate professional and skilled cinematic craftsman composing and illuminating every scene ever so brilliantly. His keen eye and Lana’s exceptional ability to direct are sure to make them major contributors to cinema and we eagerly await the arrival of their future endeavors.

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