The Series Premiere Of “So Foreign” October 3 In LA

The much awaited series premiere of ‘So Foreign’ will be unveiled on October 3 at a special red carpet screening and party, to be held at The Motoring Club in Marina Del Rey (LA). Mariana Brassaroto and Albina Katsman the show’s creators and actors, have spent the last 2 years of hard work preparing to bring audiences a delightful and entertaining series about the up’s and downs of living in a place like LA, as well as being away from their families, who in Mariana’s case, happen to be based in Brazil.

As the girls like to describe the series: “So Foreign is a quirky and edgy millennial show about the stresses of post-college young adulthood, but it also talks about cultural differences and what it’s like to feel like you don’t fully belong”.

The series which has already received some nominations and buzz among several festivals around the world, is guaranteed to be a favorite once viewers catch on to what it’s really like being Jess and Ella in ‘So Foreign’.

Tickets are still available for this amazing event via Eventbrite at:

Instagram: @soforeignofficial



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