The Romantic Comedy That Has Everybody Talking -‘Daddy Issues’

Kimberley Datnow in ‘Daddy Issues’

Daddy Issues is a modern romantic comedy which has been picked up by UK distribution company Kaleidoscope. This female driven film voted ‘Best Newcomers’, triggers conversation around social issues delivered in a lighthearted, thoughtful manner. 20 something stand-up comedian Henrietta, hasn’t been funny since her detached dad passed away. Distraught, in a quarter life crisis, she leaves her messy London life behind for LA, to re-examine her past relationships with dysfunctional ex-lovers, and friends struggling with adulthood. Henri tries comically and introspectively to find humor in her darkest moments. This is a resilient woman, they get to have flaws, they get to be mean, they get to be silly, they get to have their own battles and make decisions. Daddy Issues is a story that my generation will be able to relate to.

Millennial’s are defining adulthood in a different way and age than our parents and this can often cause conflict with the generation before us. Daddy Issues explores that theme, and also explores through the three lead characters, that our relationships with our parents can affect every decision we make even after they are gone. The realization that it isn’t always for the best can be a tough one. The term “Daddy Issues” is listed in urban dictionary in a bunch of different, simplistic ways that more or less say a woman who feels rejected by her father will act out in response to that -pursuing a lot of different men to try to feel better. This film subverts the condescending and oversimplified definition. Our relation- ships (or lack of relationships) with the people who bring us into this world inevitably shape who we are, but we can also choose to shape ourselves. You can catch Daddy Issues at the Nice Film Festival on May 17th at 4:50 pm.

5 Stars *****

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