The Remarkable Work of The Beautiful and Talented Lexy Hammonds

Actress Lexy Hammonds

It must be great to have piercing blue eyes, a beautiful face, poise, grace, high intelligence and a sophisticated sense of humor. It also doesn’t hurt if she is an accomplished actress who possesses large amounts of self-discipline and a strong work ethic who will accept nothing short of excellence in her professional life. Those who know her already will instantly recognize that we are talking about the British actress who lives in Los Angeles, Lexy Hammonds. Anyone who has worked with her has glimpsed at many of the attributes mentioned above.

Even though she is someone who takes her thespian calling quite seriously, she is also a fun-loving spirit on every movie set or stage she sets her pretty, little feet upon. Her charismatic nature automatically draws people close to her and her genuine smile and sincerity makes them never want to leave. She can converse on just about any topic but she is keen on Shakespeare, Noel Coward, Ted Hughes and Gustav Klimt[LH1] , among many others.

Lexy Hammonds, known for Bado Studio’s “The Invisible Men” and Sky Culture Entertainments’ “Ri Luo Qi Ci; Seven Days” is set for several leading roles over the next couple of years, co-starring with some of the industry’s top actors. Starting in August this year, Pixel Ltd will begin production in San Francisco for the live adaptation of the acclaimed “Image Comics” series “Carbon Grey;” a steampunk action-filled drama, set against the backdrop of a great war.

In December, Lexy is also set for Prospect House Entertainment’s motion picture “The Mystery of Casa Matusita,” shooting in Lima, Peru, performing alongside Academy Award nominees and a Golden Globe nominee. Lexy is also set to be cast in psychological thriller “Christmas Eve” that will be going into pre-production early 2019, filming in Big Bear California, starring opposite CW’s “Dynasty” star Elizabeth Gillies (FX “Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll”, Nickelodeons “Victorious) and directed by Sean Patrick Cannon — director of American High School (Distributed by Touchstone and Universal)

Lexy recently finished post production for A #WhySoNuts Film “Comfort” as the starring role of “Quinn” which was the directorial debut for Two — Time Academy Award Nominee Stephane Ceretti (Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange). This film has also been submitted throughout the top tier of the international circuit including Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Philadelphia Asian Film Festival and Out on Film Atlanta. Her superb acting talents can also be in enjoyed in films “Project Child: Initiations”, “Set Etiquette” amongst others.

Lexy has also done a great deal of television including: Corrupt Crimes “Evil Stranger,” in which she guest-starred, playing the leading role of Hannah, based on the true story of the kidnapping of Hannah Foster, as well as possessing the Leading role of “May” in the PSA “Voices” produced by Alliance; A New Era, which is an anti-cyberbullying PSA that is currently being televised on channel HCC TV in the state of Massachusetts. She has also been in too many commercials to list here but a few would certainly be in order: she was the principle actress in the latest Google campaign, Google: Opinion Rewards, which was directed by Two Time Cannes Lion award winning Jonathon Zames and produced by Across The Pond. She was also heavily featured in popular app Snapchat’s summer commercial “BBQ Experience”, which was produced by the well-established production company Made For Digital.

Lexy Hammonds is an internationally in demand and acclaimed actress, working with the highest caliber of actors and productions, who will continue to showcase her exceptional talent in the films to come over the next few years.

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