The Remarkable Work of Actor Vikrant Sahdev

Let’s face it, if you want to be a professional actor in Hollywood you have to work hard and keep focused because the competition is always going to be tough and the rejections are never ending. Vikrant Sahdev, the actor from India, also thinks that you need to stay on top of your craft and invest yourself in it — invest your whole self. That means you must be fully committed to staying on the acting path and to do that you have to continually push yourself even when it feels like the world has given up on you and is never going to give anything back to you.

We could say that those principles and concepts could be used in any industry, from writing to playing major league sports, and they could. But acting is one of those things that can tear your sense of self apart and diminish your self-esteem to a level that is so low it can’t even be measured. Vikrant, understands how difficult being an actor can be and that’s why it was no small decision for him when he made the choice to pursue acting full time and give up his comfortable and very stable engineering job.

In the beginning it all started out as out as a way to satisfy his creative urges. Wwhen while working his full-time tech industry job in Dallas, he decided to take upfollow his passion and started takingenrolled in acting classes after work.

EThe evening classes studying the Meisner method technique were the most rewarding times for him and he looked forward to every weekclass. It was a time not only for creative expression but also for imbibing plunging into all things acting. As time progressed, he felt keeping this balance of corporate life and along with pursuing his acting dreams on the side wasis not only getting increasingly stressful but also wais hurting his chances of transitioning into a real working actor in the long run. So, nearly two years later, he took the biggest leap of faith to and quit his stable full-time job that granted him resident status in the U.S. to pursueuing acting full-time on a temporary visa. With stakes that high and determined to train himself in the most intensive theater and film acting program, he relocated to Los Angeles to join Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater. He had done a fair amount of research and he knew that with this program he can could immerse throw himself completely into learning all the elements of acting. by practicing an indispensable technique while praThisat was his way of immersing himself as further deep as he could into the craft so he can would be better prepared for facingto face the stiff competition that will always exists in this industry.

Since completing his training in 2015, he has acted in countless plays including, The Odd Couple, Glengarry Glen Ross, Angels in America, Father’s Day and Baggage, to name but a few. He has also appeared in numerous films: Glass, Cloud 9, Invitation Only, and Under The Truth, among many others. Vik has also performed in CID, India’s longest running crime series. He is also shooting for some new TV commercials/Web-series in India and has projects in pipeline in Los Angeles too.

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