The New Music Video By ‘King Princess’ Will Take You Back To An 80’s Retro Vibe

A producer once told someone that if a film is in focus and well-lit, then those are the objective things that make up good film craft. Of course, she was speaking only about the way a film can be judged in the most basic manner. She knew there was a huge difference between just being able to see the actors clearly and achieving the level of art that many films and music videos do. The King Princess’ video of the song “Pussy is God” is an example of art and craft meeting at a perfect spot.

Lidia Nikonova

The director, Clare Gillen, came up with a GIF-inspired look for the video that blends early Technicolor movie references, queerness and humor. The video plays with the 80s television aesthetic through heavy use of green screen in an ode to transport King Princess to an ethereal kingdom of queer heaven. Band members, dancers and objects whirl around the beautiful voiced singer as if she is Dorothy in Wizard of Oz stuck in the middle of a tornado.

The cinematography is extremely entertaining as it captured the playful mood perfectly. It uses modern green screen techniques and camera moves but makes them look like broadcast television of the 80s. Lidia Nikonova, the Director of Photography, went all out to get the period-appropriate cameras and recreate the lighting of the time. Lidia had to look pretty hard in order to find some three-tube video cameras (from the eighties) to capture the look and feel that she wanted. Those cameras are almost impossible to find because most of the cameras now are digital.

Lidia has already shot ten music videos this year with the King Princess video being one of her all-time favorites, as she states: “Clare and our producer Rebecca Hearn were so fun to work with. At the end of the shoot we had to get the shots of the objects that were supposed to spin in the air and Clare and Rebecca were directing the toasts swirling around the toaster on fishing wire, which was hilarious’ she recalls. It’s very hard to make flying toasts look that good but I think we nailed it”.

Some of the artists whose videos Lidia has lensed are: The Weeknd, Lil Yachty, L Devine, Baauer and Miquela. She believes that each piece she works on should be inventive and have its own individual approach. The visuals need to be creative and align with the emotions of the song, match the rhythm and artist’s style he or she wants to project for that video. To her, the best part of her work is the collaboration with the talented directors and the creative teams who always bring interesting and unusual concepts to work with.

The release of Pussy Is God is a great example of a successful collaboration between very talented women. Everything comes together because the director, singer, producer and cinematographer are all consummate professionals working toward a single goal. This goes beyond making a beautiful music video — this project is there to celebrate queerness.

“It’s an honor to be working on sets with so many talented women”, Lidia adds, “we have to amplify and support each other”. A number of her works are in film festivals currently: a queer comedy If This Is Wrong, directed by Chelsea Woods and The Day That, helmed by Dorian Tocker. We look forward to seeing more of Lidia’s work in her upcoming films and music videos.

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