The Multi-Talented Vivian Huang

The words Writer, Producer, Actress fit just perfectly after Vivian Huang’s name. And she deserves that triple threat title because she has taken the time to throw herself entirely into learning each one of those skills in a theatre group in Taipei and when she earned a Master’s degree in Film Acting at the New York Film Academy in New York City.

Vivian is well known for her roles in the film Rose and the TV series Boss Ladies, both of which she wrote and acted in. She has also made a name for herself in the film A Family Barbecue, in which she also won Best Supporting Actress Award at the Dreamachine International Film Festival. A Family Barbecue is the story of an African American family that reunites at its annual barbecue get together. One of the younger family members introduces his new girlfriend to the group, which sets off social conflicts and humorous cultural situations.

One of the many films that Vivian feels especially close to is Rose. She feels like it’s her baby and it really is in a sense because she wrote it, produced it and starred in it. She actually played two parts in this film; she was both of the twin sisters. Not an easy feat if you understand twins and if you grasp the technical difficulty of split screen cinematography and the constant awareness of the placement of each twin when they are in the same shot together.

Some of the other films Vivian has had the leading role in are: Who is The Murderer, Caroline, The Amazing Phone, Wrong Grade, What Goes Around Comes Around, Betrayal and among many others, Corpse. Some other films that Vivian had featured roles in are to name a few: The Near Future, and The Other Place.

Vivian says that her family has influenced her the most as far as her getting into the entertainment industry. Her father’s passion for the movies showed her that acting and filmmaking were a real possibility and that she could do it if she too had the passion for it. Her mother’s great love and feel for artwork and her sister’s curiosity of different ways to tell stories were all seeds that were planted early on in Vivian’s life and allowed her dreams to flourish. She is very close to her family and gives them much credit for her ability to be free to achieve every artistic goal that she has.

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