The Multi-Talented Gabriel Horn Proving His Talent To The World

We could see straight away that actor Gabriel Horn could be cast in any role imaginable. Not only his resumé and very long list of characters he has already played told us so, but his head shots said the same thing immediately. This guy has enormous amounts of the “It” factor and that, along with his immense talents and acting skills will take him as far as he wants to go.

Gabriel is not just an actor, although that is quite enough for most people to handle. He has branched out into screenwriting and directing and his first short film Do No Harm, won the award for Best International Drama at the Linear International Film Festival in England in 2019. He also took on the lead role. Apparently, Gabriel’s “It” factor doesn’t only exist when he is in front of the camera. It goes with him wherever he is and whatever job he is doing on a film.

However, when you see him portraying the touching and poignant part of Ami in the terrific and award-winning film Do No Harm and the threatening lead role in Abdullah, along with the potent role of Sebastian in the ever interesting Eva and Noah, you get a sense of his true versatility as an established actor. In the movie Mordechai Gabriel plays an entirely different and unique character who is an enigma to the end — or is he? Anyway, he transforms into the persona of Mordechai so thoroughly that we really can’t decide if he is conning the staff to get released or if he is really mentally incapacitated. Bravo! As you can see, Gabriel is as prolific as he is talented. He is constantly in-demand as an actor, writer and director.

We looked at over ten of Gabriel’s head shots and they ran the gamut from bad boy to intellectual, bar room brawler to comedian, playboy to boy next door -in other words, by simply changing his facial expression, he has the ability to become another persona at the drop of a hat. It’s an amazing transformation that not all actors have at their command.

After going through intensive acting training in Tel Aviv for three years, Gabriel began acting in commercials, theatre, films and series. He moved to London and acted there for another three years including a starring role in the film Abdullah, directed by Evrim Ersoy. It went on to win international recognition and premiered at London’s FrightFest. He also was singled out for his performance in the film Eva and Noah, in which he played the pivotal part of the sinister boyfriend Sebastian. The London theatre world also saw Gabriel’s praise worthy performances in The Forgotten Millions as Cyril, and as Stefan in Histra, Stories from The Easter Block, which was staged at the Platform Theatre in London and produced by Ferodo Bridges.

Gabriel currently plays the character of Judas in the successful web comedy series Green, and is steadily being cast in Israel in short films, commercials, music videos, promos and TV pilots. Although he is usually always working, which is great for an actor, Gabriel never stops honing his acting skills. He regularly attends workshops and courses and was recently accepted to the distinguished Lesly Kahn Acting Classes in Los Angeles, California.

In addition, recently Gabriel’s film ‘Mordechai’ was a finalist at the Near Nazareth Festival in Israel (a movie he wrote and played the lead role in).

Entertainment, News, Features & Interviews From Around The World -By: Amber Bollard (Interviewer/Writer)

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