‘The Measure of Your Faith’ Worldwide Screening on Daystar Television Network Premieres August 4th at 7:30pm (CST)

Jonathon James Williams in ‘The Measure of Your Faith’

We recently caught up with the extremely humble and talented Jonathon James Williams about the upcoming worldwide broadcast of his new faith based movie ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ –which will be released this Saturday at 7:30pm (CST on Daystar Television Network. Here is what he had to say:

Hi Jonathon, tell us about the ‘The Measure of Your Faith’:

Thank you! ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ is a supernatural faith movie which is based on ‘The Book of Job’ from The King James Bible. At its core, it is a universal story about faith and the struggles of life that we all go through. In this movie Samuel Grant played by me, Jonathon James Williams, is a regional pastor who has his faith challenged by supernatural forces, unable to comprehend these supernatural events in his life, Samuel and his own faith and beliefs are taken to the breaking point.

The worldwide broadcast of ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ movie is this Saturday, August 4th at 7:30PM (CST) on Daystar Television Network. How excited are you for this and how long have you been waiting for this day to come?

It is amazing and humbling and God has made the impossible, possible with what he has done with ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ movie. It is staggering and unbelievable to me, but we serve a great God and he can do anything. I could sit here all day and explain the miracles God has performed with this movie because this is truly a “Rocky” story and faith movie, where a small independent filmmaker gets a rare chance to be with the heavy-weights of the entertainment industry. But I always say “God is the best agent in town.” So to answer your question “I am thrilled and blessed”. I have been waiting three years for this day and during that time I have confronted my very own ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ -but God has always stayed by my side. God stayed with the project and has carried out his promise and has delivered the movie to its highest possible platform which is through Daystar Television Network -and to an audience of over one billion people worldwide. Daystar Television Network is the broadcast network that will be screening ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ movie on Saturday, August 4th at 7:30PM (CST) .

I understand Daystar Television Network is the largest faith based television network in the world. How did this all come about?

Yes, they are, and it all comes down to God’s grace and his hand opening the doors to this amazing opportunity. But also the great people of Daystar Television Network who are amazing folk and doing great work in the world. ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ movie has been listed as the Daystar movie of the week, which is an honor and I can’t thank Daystar Television Network enough -they are a true blessing.

What drew you to create ‘The Measure of Your Faith’ movie.

The Holy Spirit planted the seeds and God watered them. I was watching a pastor give a sermon in Hollywood and I thought about the idea of a movie with a pastor being tried for his faith which I thought would be unique and interesting -because we never really get to see or know the conflicts a pastor goes through and “A man of faith” and I wanted to show that they are also afflicted by life also.

I had the luxury of being in control of every aspect of the project -from the concept to completion, from acting to directing and it has been a blessing and a burden -and a test of faith. But I always leaned on God for his guiding hand and he brought the whole project home.

What did you enjoy about playing the role of Samuel Grant who is a pastor in the movie ‘The Measure of Your Faith’?

It forged my own personal faith and brought me closer with God. Making this movie has brought on so many personal battles and during that time I have confronted my very own personal ‘The Measure of Your Faith’. I have been tested and tried on every level, from supernatural forces, the loss of my parents, jobs, friends and everything else important to me. It is odd, because looking back on it, I expected a blessed run when I first started this project -but felt more like I was put on hell’s hit list and similar to ‘The Book of Job’ and Job’s story. I was doing good work, but was also tried by life. But, as per ‘The Book of Job’, God restored everything and brought me through. I love and lean on this quote from The Bible: Job 13:15, 15 though he slay me, yet will, I trust in him, but I will maintain mine own ways before him

I have different views on religion as we all do, but I am a spiritual person in everyday life, but don’t go to church. What are your thoughts on that, from a personal stand point?

I am not qualified to judge and that is God’s role, but I am here to spread the good news and to tell everyone that God loves them and wants to be with them daily -whether or not they are in church, God’s love is always there for them.

What is the type of message you want audiences to walk away with?

To trust God and keep your faith no matter what happens in your life -and to know that we will all be tried and tested by the storms of life. The critical key is to trust God and turn to him when you are down or tested by life. The tests of making this film has now become my testimony and that is because of God and keeping my Faith.

Thanks for your time Jonathon and good luck with the worldwide broadcast of “The Measure of Your Faith”

Thank you and stay blessed.

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