The Magical Work Of Australian Design, Animation And Live-Action Producer Kaitlyn Mahoney

On time and on budget. Don’t you just love that phrase? Well, most of us don’t really use it or have any need to even have it in our vernacular, but there are some professionals out there who use it, live it, love it and breathe it constantly. They are motion picture producers.

On time and on budget is almost like the physicians’ oath to this select group of creative people who manage film and video productions along with any other kind of creative endeavor that requires a budget and scheduling. Kaitlyn Mahoney, the Australian producer who is currently living and working in Los Angeles, knows exactly what we’re talking about. She is a producer and has produced design, animation and live-action projects both in Australia and the United States.

She currently is a producer at Buck, an international design-driven animation studio, where she has contributed to the studio’s high profile work for clients such as Facebook, Google, and MasterCard, and notably the ‘ADC’ and ‘A-List Hollywood’ award-winning animated short for Clif Bar. We recently saw the Clif Bar short titled “Seed Matter” and it was a marvel to watch. Everything in it was superb and the animation and computer graphics knocked us out. Even the characters in the film were perfectly done.

This year, Kaitlyn also co-founded a female-focused illustration collective called Get it Girl with three professional illustrators that focuses on creating playful and challenging work that spotlights the female experience. These four women exemplify the rapidly changing landscape of a historically male-dominated design and motion graphics industry, and they’re not afraid to put feminist values and positive body image culture right in the forefront of their work!

While the artists of Get it Girl make beautiful and evocative imagery, behind the scenes their producer (Kaitlyn) works tirelessly as the glue that holds it all together. Among other things, Kaitlyn manages the group’s scheduling, meetings, publicity and communication, but her most essential job is to wrangle the artists. “As is often the case with really talented people,” says Kaitlyn “they could always use a hand, or ‘wrangler’, to keep them on track. It may be just a subtle nudge in the right direction, but it’s probably my most important job!”

While we think having a badass all-girl illustration collective is already pretty unique, they have yet another layer of diversity to add to the melting pot. “I think what makes us particularly unique coming together is that our voices represent experiences of women from all different cultures and parts of the world…” says Kaitlyn “…Xoana and I are clear cases being from Argentina and Australia respectively and now living in the Unites States, but Amelia’s Jewish/Texan upbringing and Audrey’s first generation Korean/American background bring a really great range of diversity to our collective work, and conversations! I love producing creative work alongside these fantastic ladies!”

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