The Inspiring Work Of Actress Romane Portail

London is the luckiest city in the world and they don’t even know what they have. They actually have a ton or rather tonnes of stuff and plenty of national treasures like the British Museum, Big Ben, Winchester Cathedral, Romane Portail, The Magna Carta…wait a minute! Romane Portail? Yes, she is a national treasure, only not exactly Great Britain’s national treasure. She is from France and is just living in the U.K. but the Brits haven’t caught on yet that Romane is on their turf and we’re not going to say anything to them about it.

Speaking for all 318 million Americans, we can say without a doubt, that if and or when Ms. Portail ever moves to the United States, we will claim her as one of our national treasures because she is an acting icon and we are not embarrassed to claim such wonderful creatures as our own — as long as they are on our terra firma. Anyway, Romane is quite an actress and when she saunters across a stage or a movie set in front of the camera, all eyes are on her. That alone would define her as a treasure in most people’s minds and it truly does in ours also. However, there are more elements than meer “presence” that establishes someone or something as a national treasure.

Romane is an actress. She is an exemplary actress who can literally play any role she is cast in. She has performed skillfully in most of the French classic plays and a great deal of contemporary ones also. She’s done numerous performances on TV and in movies and worked with legendary actors in both mediums.

Directors love working with Romane because she comes to the set prepared and she also comes to work knowing who her character is, inside and out. Producers love her for her efficiency in giving the right performance the first time and the ability to save them money because of that. Actors love Romane because, well, everyone loves Romane because she is easy to work with and she always gives credit where credit is due. She is a wonderful actress and we are looking forward to seeing her in the starring role in the new web series, Urban Jungle, which is to be released in fast-moving, exciting ten-minute segments on the web. Look for the webseries and you’ll get to see the soon to be national treasure of the United States, if we can get her to move here.

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