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Vidushi Chadha is a dynamic, thought-provoking, and talented actress from India who is making her mark in Hollywood. Vidushi’s award-winning short film, Neckline will be showcased at the prestigious Marina Del Rey Film Festival in June 2022, alongside her most recent creation How Do You Fall Out of Love With Country Music?.

Neckline, which she wrote, acted in, and produced, has received international acclaim and has been awarded several prizes at the well-known Golden State Film Festival and the famous Best Shorts Competition. Both these festivals are noted for their winners moving on to winning Oscars and Emmys. Neckline also won Best Short Film on Diversity at the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo.

How Do You Fall Out Of Love With Country Music? will be premiering at the Marina Del Rey and stars Chadha in the leading role. The film follows an Indian Country-Western singer, talking to a Southern audience about her diasporic identity through her love for country music. To prepare for the role, Chadha devoted her time to learning the basics of guitar to achieve a truthful and mesmerizing performance.

Chadha’s work is deeply rooted in themes of identity and empowerment, inspired by her journey to overcome the unjust cultural norms she was raised within. Her goal as an artist is to celebrate freedom and inspire. Vidushi pursued her MFA in acting at the legendary California Institute of the Arts, where she submerged in acting on stage and on camera. Blending film and theater, Vidushi performed in multiple VR immersive theater shows in LA.

The Last Dodo by 360-degree theater was a masterpiece that gave the audience the experience of being in the Dodo’s nest. Vidushi used her fight choreography skills to be the villain in this show. From being a hilarious comic to a dark villain, Vidushi is a versatile actress who has done it all. Her immersive theater journey started in New Delhi at the successful Bira Festival, a role for which she learnt how to read tarot cards!

Her voice as an artist is roaring with the spirit to uplift and break the vicious cycle of oppression. Her multicultural perspective is widely celebrated through her spoken word poetry. She won the Farrago Slam Poetry in London and The Delhi Poetry Slam Championship for her piece Freedom which she later developed into her award-winning short Neckline. She also wrote Conceal Remove Repeat and co-wrote Touch, a spoken word piece for the episodic Poetist for TLC India which played on National Television and was performed by the well-known actors Swara Bhasker and Sayani Gupta.

Chadha loves supporting young talented artists and she was invited to judge the Annual Léman Manhattan Preparatory School Film Festival in 2021 and 2022. She was also the keynote speaker giving words of inspiration to budding actors and filmmakers.

Recently as a part of CalArts Center for New Performance, Vidushi did a radio play The George Project inspired by Emilio Cruz’s When This War is Over, You’re Going to Get it George. The play is an intricately devised sonic experience about the destruction that war brings. She has also acted in Sarahjeen Francois’s all-women play Casualties of War, performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, about goddesses In the Celestial Sphere fighting the patriarchy. Chadha’s brilliant performances are embedded with her desire to support stories that bring change into the world.

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