The Incredible Healing Work Of Marco Alati

Marco Alati is a skeptic, which allows him to hunt for the truth by doubting what someone tells him and then finding out for himself if indeed the statement was true or not. A friend of his suggested that he receives a healing session through a process called Reconnective Healing, offered by a company called The Reconnection. Of course, Marco said “No” at first because the whole thing sounded so strange. His friend told him that all one does is lie down on a massage table and the Reconnective Healing Practitioner stands near you and with his or her hands, works simply as a catalyst allowing a transformational quantum field to interact with the receiver.

After he endured his friend’s nagging for some time, Marco finally relented and signed up for a session. He remembers lying on the table saying to himself: “Why am I wasting my money like this?” However, moments into it he noticed pulling sensations from the top of his head and from his feet, and little explosions inside his veins. He also started to notice a new, very unique and quite pleasant scent. Something had happened — something was happening and he wasn’t quite sure what it was.

After the session Marco went home and he realized that his awareness started to shift in the most marvelous ways possible. It was like he had been flushed out and left with a sense of clarity that was at once puzzling and sensational. He questioned the path that he had chosen when he was still a victim of preconceived notions set forth by his family and his society. Three months later, and despite everyone’s objections and a complete lack of subsequent planning, he quit his job and began working for The Reconnection.

His previous path had been academic and scientific. He had a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan, in Italy. He was on the path of research and science and later, after he joined The Reconnection, he realized that in a real sense, he was still on the same path. Marco, the scientist, is not only a believer in the healing properties of RH, he is also a Researcher, Practitioner and Mentor of Reconnective healing and his life has never been better.

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