The Incomparable Work Of Photographer Akshay Kandi

It seems like everyone is calling themselves a photographer these days. Whether it’s taking selfies or snapping pictures of food on the table at a restaurant people are always ready to capture the moment so they will have tangible proof of an event they experienced. In a sense, they are documenting their lives with the camera app that is on their smart phone. Real professional photographers, on the other hand, use real cameras and real preparation to get the photo that they have envisioned in their minds long before they even click the camera’s shutter open. Akshay Kandi is one those professionals that we are talking about.

He didn’t just read the instructions that came with his very high quality cameras and start shooting away. He made sure to immerse himself properly in the study of photography at a well known school of photography in India, his home country, and at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California. After that, he moved smoothly and steadily into the professional world of photographing models, products, people and shooting stills and videos on the sets of feature-length motion pictures.

The word “photograph” is from the Greek meaning “light” (photo) and “writing” (graph). So, Akshay’s profession could be called “Light drawing” or drawing with light. And that’s not far off because all photography must have light to form or reproduce an image that the film or light sensitive digital receiver is exposed to. To become a great photographer means that one has mastered the art of light drawing and understands just how much light to shine on his subject so it is not over exposed or underexposed.

To do that, the photographer has had to undergo hundreds, if not thousands of trials and errors on his journey to be able to judge instantly where to place the subject in relation to the light source he is using. He must judge quickly because time is money for a professional photographer. That is, models are getting paid a great deal of money so he can’t have them just standing around waiting for him to continually move the lights around. He is also up against deadlines set by the company that hires him, so he must be fast and accurate and still allow emotion to come through on each shot.

The professionals like Akshay have to marshal all their forces in order to keep competitive and to produce a high standard of quality in their work. Akshay’s beautiful and well planned photographs tell the story of a great photographer who understands what it takes to make it in today’s aggressive world of photography.

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