‘The Exorcist’ Season 2 Premieres September 29th On Fox

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The Cast and Crew of ‘The Exorcist’

The cast of the popular Fox TV series ‘The Exorcist’ spoke about Season 2 and what it’s like having to endure some of the more difficult scenes on the show. The new episode entitled ‘Janus’ was executive produced by Jeremy Slater and Sean Crouch and stars John Cho, Alfonso Herrera and Brianna Hildebrand.

The ‘Janus’ episode although very dark (and obviously staying true to this genre), had some great moments as well as humorous moments, which gave it a great balance. Each character does a fantastic job portraying their role, whether it be lighthearted, heavy or even emotionally charged. While viewers wait in suspense for what the next moment can bring, the scenery throughout the episode is quite mesmerizing and really helps put you in the moment. The soundtrack was also very well suited and gives the show a nice, subtle touch.

When asked how she handles being on a TV show like ‘The Exorcist’ and how she adjusts to life away from the cameras? Hildebrand notes that there are some scenes that really do effect her — and at times, it has been difficult for her to shut down for a couple of days. One of those moments for her, involved the subject of foster care and because of the heaviness and intensity of it all, it made her sad.

Lets also not forget to add, how fantastically talented this cast is and how hard they work to make this show a success!

For die hard fans of ‘The Exorcist’’, there are more surprises in store for the new season and a couple of guest appearances.

The new season premieres on Fox, Friday September 29th at 9/8c


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