The Exceptional Work of Canadian Editor Martin Asselin

The Mesmorising Work of Martin Asselin

Some people may think film (and digital) editors sit alone in a cigarette smoke filled darkened room staring at a small bright screen searching for the shot they need to complete a scene in a movie. Well, they might not be too far off. One of the reasons they might sit in a dark room is just that — to be able to clearly see the images of the film that is passing in front of their eyes on the computer screen. Of course, smoking is generally not allowed in editing rooms so at least the editors or “cutters” as they used to be called, don’t have to worry about coming out of their smelling like a stale cigarette. And with the well-lit computer screens of today there is really no need to sit in the dark any longer while the editor does his or her magic to the raw footage of a film, commercial or TV series.

Martin Asselin, the Well-known Canadian editor can sit in front of a computer screen for hours and hours piecing shots together to make sense of the story that the movie will eventually tell. He is among the many technicians who have helped bring the craft of editing into an art form. When he gets behind the editing controls he is transformed into someone who becomes more focused than anyone in the whole building. His whole purpose from the time he is hired until the job is finished, is to make something of beauty out of all the strands of seemingly unconnected film that is handed to him. He will stay in the bay (the editing bay) until he is kicked out by the producer or until he can’t stay awake anymore.

Martin’s job is an enviable position because what he does is the same thing that some of the greatest editors in the history of motion pictures have done: make a good film into a great film. Some of those editors’ names may sound familiar: Michael Kahn, Thelma Schoonmaker, James Cameron, Dede Allen, Akira Kurosawa, Verna Fields, Ethan and Joel Cohen, Alfonso Cuarón and Walter Murch, among many others.

Martin has worked on too many projects to name here and he has edited everything from feature and short films to TV pilots and music videos, along with commercials, public service announcements and documentaries to interviews and web series. He has even won some Best Editing awards and some of the films he has worked on have been awarded Best Film at International Film festivals. Martin has been a busy editor ever since he moved to Los Angeles from Montréal, Canada, and this year is no different.

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