The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Holds Their First-Ever Theatrical Production Of ‘Unjust’

Andre Leaphart, Dr. Shanell McGoy, Cathy Brown, Hon. Dallas Harris, Gregory Harrison, Diana Feliz Oliva, Robert Suttle, Lee Raines, Chris Butler, Karen Bethzabe, Jenny Sullivan & Adam Vary Photo: Brian Grove.

“Our ‘HIV Is Not A Crime’ campaign brings attention to the long outdated laws in many of our states criminalizing HIV. Our goal is to find a path to end these laws and support those living with HIV and let them lead their lives without fear” -Cathy Brown, Executive Director of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation stated.

Chris Butler, Gregory Harrison and Karen Bethzabe. Photo: Brian Grove

Last Monday, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation presented their first ever theatrical production entitled ‘Unjust’ at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts/Lovelace Theater, in Beverly Hills. Staying true to one of the dearest places in Elizabeth Taylor’s heart, the foundation has continued to honor the importance to raise awareness and continue the fight against HIV. “Unjust,” is a one act play focused on the fight to end criminalization against people living with HIV. The play was produced by Jenny Sullivan and playwright Lee Raines. Actress, Karen Bethzabe played the role of Renata, actor Chris Butler played the role of Ray, while Gregory Harrison played the role of Ratcliffe. The presentation of ‘Unjust’ started with a cocktail reception followed by a Q&A panel with Adam Vary from Variety magazine.

For more information and to support the fight for criminalization against HIV visit:




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