The Beauty And Talent Of Michelle Nordlander

The actress Michelle Nordlander was born just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. She is one of those lucky people who know what they want to do with their lives at an early age. She was 13 when it happened to her. She was watching the film version of the musical Oliver! when the thespian thunderbolt struck her. Right then and there she decided that acting would be her life’s career and then she enrolled in a very well known acting school on the island of Gotland.

That kind of brazenness is strange to people who never really decide on a specific life’s work, and it must have seemed a bit bizarre to Michelle simply because she had never really done any acting before in her life — all thirteen years of it. Be that as it may, she jumped in, eyes wide open and ready to do what was necessary to become the experienced and established actress she is today. In fact, the first time she ever performed in front of an audience was at that school when she directed herself acting out Ophelia’s goodbye speech in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She practiced and rehearsed the segment by herself and then when it was her turn she got up in front of the class and quite convincingly became Ophelia in the flesh. When she finished, she was applauded by students and teachers alike and sat back down. A teacher then turned around to her and said: “I have never seen a student here at this school performing that monologue as well as you just did.” That was the first of many compliments she would receive as a fledgling actress.

During that stint in school Michelle was in countless musical including, The Fiddler on The Roof, The Secret Garden, and among many others Cabaret. After high school she went on to a two year acting program at Kulturama, in Stockholm where she was immediately advanced to the second year of acting classes because her talents were so impressive. She then studied acting at the Boulevard Theatre in Stockholm where her audition got her a job as a professional actress and assistant director at the theatre.

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