The American Film Institute Will Host Gala Screening Of ‘Destroyer’ With Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman will appear at the AFI Festival for the gala screening of ‘Destroyer’. Photo by: Amber Bollard

One of Australia’s most successful and talented actresses, Nicole Kidman will appear at this years American Film Institute Tuesday night in Hollywood, for a gala screening of her new movie ‘Destroyer’. The movie is a thriller directed by Karyn Kusama and tells the story of detective Erin Bell played by Nicole Kidman -who is working over time and mentally drained from dealing with tough situations on the job. However, someone from her past whom she encountered in a previous situation, reappears in her life, therefore Erin goes on a mission to seek her last chance at justice.

The gala screening which will be held at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, will include a conversation with Nicole Kidman about her career and the various roles she has played throughout her life.

Nicole Kidman in ‘Destroyer’. Photo credit: AFI Official Website.

As a young girl growing up in Australia, I would watch Nicole Kidman on TV and in movies like BMX Bandits, Dead Calm and Days of Thunder -I just knew she was going to become an international star. I was also in awe of her beautiful red curly hair and towering height along with her incredible talent and down to earth attitude. Needless to say, it will be an honor to check out Nicole’s movie ‘Destroyer’ and to see her take on life in the entertainment industry.

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