The Amazing Talent Of Performer Indiana Massara

Indiana Massara Stars In The Series ‘Chicken Girls’

Indiana Massara is a very interesting person. She is a teenager from Australia who apparently knows what she wants and is willing to go after it with all her might and talent. Almost as soon as she landed in Los Angeles and got off the plane she found representation. You basically can struggle to get into acting, modeling or music without a manager or an agent in this town, or anywhere else for that matter. By the way, Indiana’s talents run deep in all three of those categories and her agents Osbrink Talent and Primary Wave, obviously have a good eye.

After she signed with the agency that also represents big names such as Madelaine Petsch, A J Cook, Kristin Chenoweth and more, Indiana began working as a professional and hasn’t stopped to catch her breath yet. She’s been in national commercials that included working with Cannes Gold Lion Award winning director Laurence Dunmore on Chobani Yogurt and she played the love interest in breakout artist Julian Martel’s ‘Birthday’ video.

She has recently been featured in the viral web series Chicken Girls, and her character, Rooney Forrester, regularly crosses over into two other successful series produced by the Brat Productions, Flunky’s Upset and Attaway Appeal. Indiana is currently filming season two of Chicken Girls and the show is averaging over 5 million views each week, which is successful by any definition.

She not only works in Australia and L.A. but she flies to London when duty calls. Two projects on that historic landscape were lucky enough to have her involved and one is scheduled for release later this year. Hollywood is now claiming her as their own, and so is Australia, but realistically speaking, she is a true international actress, model and singer. She is a triple threat, as they say in the industry.

Her first single Drama, hit the top ten in the Radio Disney charts and stayed up there for weeks. She has been working with Music Royalty in Los Angeles including Grammy winners and her musical style can be described as pop with an urban edge. Her sound is definitely unique and even though she is only 15, music executives are taking notice.

Indiana the model has walked the runway in Los Angeles during the famed Fashion Week. She was draped by major designers such as Fernando Atelier and Rocky Gathercole, who have dressed Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton, among many other celebrities. There is no end to Indiana’s talents and she has established herself firmly as a young woman who can basically do anything in Hollywood.

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