The Acting Spark: Amy Elizabeth Price

Australian Actress Amy Price

Amy Elizabeth Price is an Australian actress, dancer and singer living in Los Angeles. She has been featured in award winning films and stage productions.

Amy’s interest in acting began at a young age. Growing up, Amy loved singing and dancing. During her school years, she sang in the church choir, performed solos in Christmas carols and performed in school productions. “I guess I’ve always had that acting spark in me.” Amy studied her craft at 16th Street Studio and ImproMelbourne in Melbourne, Australia and at Ivana Chubbuck Studio and Actor’s Comedy Studio in Los Angeles.

To date, Amy has showcased her craft in the films: War In Heels, How To Time Travel and the upcoming film, My Little Life, and on stage in Season’s Greetings. Amy’s favorite role is her performance as the Greetette in Seasons Greetings. The director, Alan Scott Beaton, created the role specifically for this production. The performance won Best Innovative Feature at the Geelong Virtual Oscars.

Amy is most proud of her performance in and the success of War In Heels. The film was a labor of love and a blessing in which she had the opportunity to star opposite her good friend, Genevieve Brock. The filming took on a greater meaning, being a part of an all-female cast and a mostly female crew. War In Heels has been screened in over seventeen film festivals worldwide and had earned multiple award nominations, including a Best Cast nomination at the Alternative Film Festival in Italy.

The future is bright for Amy Elizabeth Price. Building of the success of comedy roles, her interest in moving towards dramatic roles. Her advice to aspiring actors, “Always push yourself to learn more and be open to new opportunities.”

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