Thailand Beauty Pageant Turned Actress Ingkarat

Ingkarat “Kat” is an actress working in Thailand, China and Cambodia. She stars in Still The Cage movie-video from superstar DJs Wiwek & Skrillex.

Ingkarat launched her career by winning top 12 in the 2012 Miss Universe Thailand pageant. This success led to starring on Thai television shows. Her interest in acting led to a passion for acting as a career, leading her to study her craft in Los Angeles. “there’s so much beauty in acting. I love how acting opened up my whole world both inside and outside of me. It’s an art that I want to experience

Ingkarat grew up as an athlete. In recent years, she has studied Thai boxing. Her goal is yo master the art of the martial art and appear in action films. She is currently appearing in a film where she trains and showcases her boxing skills.

To date, her favorite role is in Still In The Cage by Wiwek & Skrillex. “I could be myself with no makeup on and only dirty face and clothes. I really felt so connected with how raw everything was.”

Her latest role is as Yinying, a former solider and a cop in the movie Attrition, starring Steven Segal. She portrays a strong female. “It’s a new era where female gets to be so strong and confident. We can do whatever we want to do, and feel as strong as we want not just how the whole world wants us to be.”

Ingkarat plans to work in international and Hollywood films, working with talented actors and growing as an actress and to keep learning. “I think that’s one of the most important things whether in this industry or anywhere. If you keep learning and willing to learn, you’ll only get better.”

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