Talented Production Designer Reeti Narayan And Her Latest Work “Private Flight” By Paradox Revolution

What does a Production Designer do? Good question. Well, if you were a Production Designer like Reeti Narayan, and the director handed you a script, say of a music video, and the story had scenes that took place in different sets or locations, you would immediately start to envision what those sets would look like for the video. You and the director and possibly the producer would then discuss ideas regarding color schemes, mood lighting and what should
be seen by the audience in the finished product. That is, if there is a window, what is outside that window? If there is a table, what would the character have on that table? Your job would be to be responsible for the overall design of the sets and therefore the entire look of the film. You might see at each set as a character unto itself that is part of the whole story.

Private Flight By Paradox Revolution

Recently, we saw a music video called Private Flight, by Paradox Revolution. Reeti was the Production Designer on it. The look of the video was terrific and one important thing we noticed was that no set stood out over the others and none drew attention to itself and away from the music video in general. That is the sign of a real professional, restraining one’s urges so as to not go overboard on any one thing that distracts from the whole.

Reeti, as the Production Designer, is an integral and highly creative part of the film’s crew and has a great responsibility to tie everything together in terms of aesthetics. That is, she has to know the meaning of and the feeling that is being evoked in each scene and she must be at the top of her game from the beginning to the end of the shoot. She makes sure that each scene’s set and background comports with the director’s vision of how the film will look.

The interior of the airplane and the bedroom sets in Private Flight, by Paradox Revolution, were spot on and everything that the camera saw was perfectly in its place, which was just one less thing for the director and producer to worry about. Reeti is a consummate professional who gives a hundred and ten percent of her attention and her creative abilities to each project she works on.

The Production Designer is such an important part of filmmaking that they are nominated and given Academy Awards for their artistry and designs in feature–length motion pictures.

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