Talented Finnish Actress Eve Metsaranta, Impressing Audiences All Over The World

So, if you’re a director or a producer or casting director and you are looking for that special actress to play a dark role in your film, who do you call? Well, the answer is becoming too obvious lately because Eve Metsäranta, the fascinating Finnish actress, is the one whose phone usually rings when dark roles are being cast. Now, we want to be perfectly clear here, Eve loves to play dark or offbeat characters like psychopaths and murderers but she also can and does play very normal people on film and stage. She simply prefers to push herself and play characters that are nothing like her real self.

But, ask any serious actor or actress and they will tell you that playing the villain is the absolute best. Eve loved playing Ruby in the short film The Forgiveness, directed by award-winning Todd Patrick Breaugh. The movie was jam packed with vengeance and mayhem perhaps because Ruby was a stone cold assassin who was extremely cool, controlled and quite experienced at what she did. She also kept all of her feelings well beneath the surface so no one would read her or predict what she was going to do next. (Of course, those are all signs of a very good killer, wouldn’t you say). Things have to change a bit for Eve’s character when her father dies and she must confront her long estranged brother who she hates and her long unfelt feelings about her family. This scene is the climax of the film that produces high tension and great emotional turmoil in her character.

Well Wishes, the short film directed by Ms Martinez, Eve portrayed the character called Preacher. The Preacher is hates gay people and her anger comes to the surface when she is preaching in the park and sees two lesbians kissing each other. Eve initially auditioned for a smaller supporting role in the film but the director saw something special in her. Although the role of Preacher was written for an older man, Eve was asked to read for the part. Ms. Brown loved how Eve fully immersed herself into the character so she signed her up for the part after only one read.

Last year Eve performed the lead role of Sin in the play The Age of Kali. It was written and directed by Gunita Jansome-Black, who is also an award-winning dancer. Sin, the demon, and Kali, her partner in crime (the other lead role), are planning on destroying humanity by poisoning people’s minds with sin, such as Greed, Illusion, Anger, Lust, Envy and Madness, which just happen to be the other characters’ names also. Eve’s character was on stage for the whole play and she had to dance and perform solo scenes and monologues, which made the role physical and mentally challenging and exhausting. Her co-star, Emmy award-winner Kiko Ellsworth, played Kali, who was also a regular on General Hospital.

As we said above, Eve loves to push the envelope and she loves challenges and that’s why she many times will lean toward the offbeat roles that other people will shy away from. A real actress who is constantly looking to improve her acting skills.

So, from day one she took every opportunity to play the offbeat character such as murderers, psychopaths and narcissists whenever she could. She never wants to be pigeon holed by being stuck in a one character acting career and she tries to keep herself open to suggestions and is always open to experimentation.

Eve is proud that she was born and raised in Finland and she is also honored to be the only international artist who was offered a performing contract for the 2017–2018 season of the Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers Professional Dance Company. Eve’s position in the public spotlight has enabled her to see how important it is to show people, especially her countrymen in Finland, that if she can succeed in such a competitive industry then so can they, even if they have huge doubts about succeeding in anything.

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