Talented Filmmaker With A Creative Eye -Denis Ogorodov

Denis Ogorodov

Some people have the most interesting resumés. The best ones seem to have a natural flow to them just like the careers of the artists the CV is giving you all the facts about. Denis Ogorodov’s resumé, for instance, is one of those perfect documents that everyone wishes he or she could give to companies they want to work for.

It reads like a dream script: Denis was raised in Milan, Italy, (is there another Milan?) graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program with majors in photography and literature and then went off to London for three years. If this bio belonged to most people they would say stop right there because they were having too much fun to move forward with any serious thoughts of a real career. But obviously, Denis is slightly different in that when he was in the UK he directed and edited multiple short films and then completed another BA in Film Studies and Screen Practice with honors, by the way.

Stop there? No way!! He naturally moved to Los Angeles right after that to attend the famous Art Center College of Design to continue his immersion in film production. While he was there he was given the opportunity to produce a Nike sponsored project, intern at the production company Reset, work as a Production Designer and Editor for the promotional video “GTA:Rise,” which pulled in over 13 million views on YouTube. Then he went on vacation for several years because he was so tired. Okay, just kidding about the vacation and being tired. We think Denis will never get tired and he most likely looks at his film and editing and designing work as a real vacation because he loves it so much.

He was hired at Reset as a Digital Assets manager and Layout Artist and worked for Reset for two years. During that time he was promoted to Treatment Coordinator and Designer and collaborated and designed many award-winning projects for companies such as Acura, Cisco, Microsoft and Google to name just a few. Denis moved on as a freelance editor on projects that were especially post-production heavy with an emphasis on VR. Some of the VR clients he has edited for include, Coca Cola, Charles Schwab, Nebraska Huskers and Carnival Cruises. He has also worked with well-known Picture Mill producer David Midgen on the feature film Passing Parade, which has a 2018 release date.

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