Talented Editor Raghu Gudiveti AKA Raghavendra Gudiveti

Raghu Gudiveti AKA Raghavendra Gudiveti, got interested in filmmaking when he was working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications in Hyderabad, India. He would make promo videos for college festivals and he discovered that he loved the process of breaking the film down scene by scene on paper and then reconstructing the whole thing using a camera and editing equipment.

Working on videos, no matter how short of long they were, made him feel a genuine happiness that was difficult to get from anything else he was doing. Once he realized that, he knew what his life career would be — not Electronics and Communications as he had previously thought but filmmaking.

Even though Raghu was and probably is not a planning kind of a guy, he knew that he needed to learn how to professionally make films and videos so he jumped on a jet plane and flew to Los Angeles and signed up for Master’s Degree courses at the famous New York Film Academy. He learned a lot there. One of the bigger things he learned at that great school was that there are numerous elements in the art and craft of filmmaking and that ultimately, he would have to choose one or even several to focus on.

Since he had already grasped the concept of story telling early in life by watching actors perform in plays in India he wanted to become an expert in one of the technical fields that make up video and movie making. He would frequent a certain theatre and saw story telling techniques in action. Things like cliffhangers and episodes were commonplace and they were very similar to how Television shows work. As far as the technical aspects of the art of filmmaking, he loved editing and directing, but he also had an affinity with the whole process. That is, overseeing the production from story to post production, which includes the final edit, titles and music and music.

Raghu’s first project as editor and director was the short film Alive. It won a Best Short Prize at the 2018 Los Angeles Cinema Awards. The movie is about a guy who goes out for a hike with his friends but discovers something during the journey. Raghu has several upcoming projects that he’s working on. He is editing several commercials and is the editor on a mini web television series. He’s also finishing up a couple of scripts that he intends to direct himself.

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