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Actor Fede Cibils

“We remind ourselves the true reasons of why we do what we do every day. It is very easy to get lost along the way and forget that although it would be great to make it big and be very successful financially, we do this because it’s our passion; the rest is secondary.” Do you want to guess who said this and what exactly they were talking about? It’s such a great quote and it could actually be applied to just about anything that humans do for a living. However, the person who actually coined this wise phrase is an actor named Federico Cibils.

Federico us originally from Argentina but he is a true world citizen. He has travelled all over the world and lived in Spain, Southeast Asia, and Amsterdam, among other beautiful destinations. He now lives and works in Hollywood as a professional actor. Even though he knew early on that acting was his calling, or at least something that he really wanted to do, his medical doctor parents wanted him to get a real degree in college so he could get a real job when he got out. Apparently, like most parents, they understand the struggle that actors and film industry people must go through in order to eek out even a meager living.

Thank goodness that Federico followed his heart and came to Los Angeles to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts conservatory; one of the most prestigious acting schools in the country and the world. He immersed himself in all things theater, film and all the major techniques involved with acting and has been working ever since.

Federico has been in some great plays in L.A.: The Country Girl, Biloxi Blues, Once a Catholic, North Shore Fish, Archipelago and Dancing at Lughnasa, to name just a few. He did a national Coca Cola commercial in Argentina, (his home country) called Aventura Coca Cola. He’s also been in tons of films such as: Your Body, Blue Hollywood, a story of two actors, a young woman and a young man, with totally different approaches to life, who travel from London to Los Angeles together to strike gold in the film world. He has also been in Cloud 9, a science fiction film, Trapped, Time Speech, about a time traveler going back to the 1940sm and among many, many more films, Dear Silence, which is a visual depiction of the inner turmoil faced between moving forward or going back to a past relationship.

Besides several feature films he has coming up, Federico is also acting in a series called Dirty Laundry, which follows a group of people dealing with their own unique issues but each week they converge at a Laundromat where they come together in a rather unconventional and unplanned form of group therapy.

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