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2 min readFeb 28, 2023

After working in restaurants and traveling the world, copywriter and award-winning copywriter Fredrik Svensson von Schreeb found his way to writing and storytelling. He describes himself as a creative writer, chef, and Daniel Day-Lewis’s illegitimate child. However, despite not being Daniel Day-Lewis’s child, his work demonstrates his excellent ability to, just like Daniel Day-Lewis, capture an audience with his intelligent and raw storytelling.

Fredrik is not afraid to use humor to capture an audience or to target a market with a wink and a nod. Some writers today bow to old-school tradition to do what they feel might please their clients. Fredrik talks about the importance of deep collaboration with your clients, allowing you to creatively push yourself and the client. He describes his approach as digging deep into research, looking at a concept, stepping back as a painter would, letting his mind meditate, and WHOOSH! An idea is born.

In 2016, Fredrik got accepted to Berghs School of Communication, one of the world’s most renowned design & advertising schools. After attending Berghs in Stockholm and the Academy of Art in San Francisco, he worked with various clients, including Facebook, Google, Harvest Snaps, and Fetzer Wine.

Fredrik has a unique way of seeing the world, and maybe that’s what made him break into the competitive industry of Silicon valley. As the Marketing copywriter at HoneyBook in San Francisco, Fredrik is responsible for taking the tech unicorn’s brand voice to the next level. Honeybook is the leading client flow management platform for independent businesses with a valuation of $2.4 billion. Fredrik’s background leading copywriting at advertising agencies in Stockholm and San Francisco, and launching award-winning campaigns for global brands, makes him a vital puzzle piece of the creative team at Honeybook.

As a One Club award-winning writer responsible for the brand voice at HoneyBook, I can’t help but wonder how a creative mind like Fredrik’s works. A copywriter doesn’t think in numbers as an accountant might. Instead, it must be like an IMAX movie shot in 70 mm and full Technicolor. The images in there are constantly changing. Yet, he can retain them, and what’s even more impressive is that copywriters can calmly explain those images in everyday words strung together, once again, imaginatively.

With Fredrik’s many talents, it is no surprise that he’s a great chef. He talks about how his love for food and the restaurant business taught him everything about teamwork and attention to detail. We wouldn’t even consider not coming to his house for dinner if he invited us. Likewise, I wouldn’t be surprised if his meals were some of the tastiest and the most beautifully composed dishes in the universe.

You can check out more of Fredrik’s work on his official website:




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